About Nihon Hero

Nihon Hero is a Tokusatsu News Blog started back in 2011. My Main focus is on Ultraman, Kamen Rider, Super Sentai & GARO Series. More than toys I look into the story, spoilers, actors, their interviews and more.

Here's the story of Nihon Hero's growth:
Originally started as a YouTube Channel and a Blogspot blog, ended up switching to Facebook replacing the blog. Both YouTube & Facebook page began to gain attention. Four years from the start, started a weebly blog https://nihonhero.weebly.com to focus on lengthy articles.

Extended the focus on Twitter. Considering the success of weebly website, decided to move to nihonhero.com. A place for all your Tokusatsu break bites.


"I am Nihon Hero"

It was 15 when I started Nihon Hero, but I have been fan of Tokusatsu ever since the age of 7. Starting off with Ultraman Powered, Ultraman Great, Ultraman Zearth, then slowly learning about the existence of the long running Ultra Series because of the advent of internet. Ultraman Mebius was my favorite for a long time. I remembering imitating the Mebium Shoot throughout my childhood.


Then came Chouseishin series that changed everything. Debut of the cool Kamen Rider Kiva & Kamen Rider Decade blew up my mind followed by Shinkenger lead by Shiba Takeru...

Getting recruited by Henshin Justice Unlimited did inspire me to start my own blog.

For almost 7 years, I hid my identity. But one day without much thinking I revealed myself..."I am Nihon Hero"

Last but not the least. I am from India.

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