01 familia collabs with Spirits: Nashiko Momotsuki, Hikari Kuroki & Mei Angela leads the Cover

01familia the Talent Management who manage Kiramager's Nashiko Momotsuki (Yodonna), Ultraman Z's Hikari Kuroki (Yuka Ohta) & Kamen Rider Saber's Mei Angela (Reika Shindai) have collaborated with Big Comic Spirits for the 40th Anniversary of the magazine.

They are releasing "Zero Ichi Familia × Big Comic Spirits 40th Anniversary Mook". This will feature the Gravure shots of all the talents of 01familia. If you look at the cover, Nashiko-chan gets a big column on the cover page followed by Hikari-chan and Mei-chan.

This Magazine has already been released today and here are some making Shots of Mei-chan from this.

You can buy this edition of the magazine now using the below Ad Link!