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Asuka Kawazu (Mei Sudo) Wants to Fight Reika and Also Transform Into Kamen Rider

Mynavi News had recently interviewed Kamen Rider Saber Heroine Asuka Kawazu (Mei Sudo) and she had revealed some of the things she wants to do in the future Kamen Rider Saber episodes.

Asuka Kawazu - "I met Koichi Sakamoto the first time when I went to filming location during my day off. He was coincidentally present there. I had left my hair loose that day and seeing that he praised me saying "Straight is cute". I change my hairstyle everytime. For Sakamoto's directed episodes 9 & 10, it was bundled sideways. It seems Sakamoto Director wanted to go with straight. But I had already done straight in Episode 8 & 9, so without any choice I had to go with different hairstyle. In Sakamoto Director's episodes there are so many action scenes. I hope even Mei gets to do action one day. Wouldn't it be interesting if there is an fierce battle battle between Reika and Mei (laughs)"

Interviewer - "In the end, could you tell us something which you Kawazu-san want to do in TV Series?"

Asuka Kawazu - "While having interviews here and there, I have been telling this a lot. Even Mei wants to Henshin and become a Rider! I like Kamen Rider Slash with Pop colors, so I want to use a Marble chocolate colored Wonder Riderbook and transform into a Cute Rider. But even if Mei transforms, it feels like she'll be weak (laughs). I am longing for the Rider that grows strong slowly, even though she is weak in the beginning. I will be continuing to work hard as Mei so everyone please continue to support Kamen Rider Saber!"

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