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Asuka Kawazu Reveals Being Victim of 'Airdrop Molestation'

Kamen Rider Saber star Asuka Kawazu aged 21 had appeared on Information & Wideshow program "Sunday Japon" which broadcasted this morning. In the program, the topic of Misogyny was being discussed. Asuka Kawazu was asked her opinion.

Asuka Kawazu had revealed that she was the victim of 'Aidrop Chikan' (Airdrop Molestation) where a person will be sent an obscene image of Airdrop from a stranger. When an image is airdropped, the receiver will be able to see the preview of the obscene image. Asuka Kawazu had commented "When an image is sent, you can either Accept or Decline. But if you accept it, they will think that you have seen it. It also doesn't feel good to even decline it. So I pretend it never happened. In the end, I don't like us being treated like this".

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