Asuka Kawazu To Release Her First Photobook

Actress Asuka Kawazu who plays Kamen Rider Saber's Heroine - Mei Sudo had announced her First Photobook. The title of the Photobook still hasn't been announced yet. But it will be released on October 20. You'll get to see the different emotions of Asuka Kawazu in this.

Translated Interview

Interviewer - Let us know how you felt when you came to know that you were releasing a Photobook?

Asuka Kawazu - Photobook was one of my goals after joining Entertainment Industry. During the photo shoot, I was in the middle of Kamen Rider Saber's filming. Somehow I got a holiday in the middle of the schedule and went for a photoshoot. My height hasn't increased much at this 21 year of age. I wanted to leave behind something about my young age. With that in mind, I did the photoshoot. Photos express seasonal feelings and the flow of time. It is going to be a really beautiful Photoshoot. It is going to be a memorable work!

Interviewer - What are the Highlights?

Asuka Kawazu - My near-to-natural expression and relaxing figure. I have taken photos with different expressions and clothes which you won't see in Kamen Rider Saber! I have devised it in such a way that anyone can enjoy it!

Interviewer - A message to Fans.

Asuka Kawazu - Thank You for supporting me! I will be releasing First Photobook this time! It's because of everyone! People who usually buy Digital Photobooks have always been saying that they want to see my First Photobook. I am really happy to release it. I can hear everyone's voice and it's encouraging. Please continue to support me.

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