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Atom Mizuishi Announces His New Photobook "Iolite"

Ok. Rio Komiya's First Photobook was announced just today. Now even Atom Mizuishi is releasing a Photobook. This is titled "Iolite" and releasing on March 22.

He had chosen Kyoto as the location for Photobook. You'll see many different places in Kyoto like Toei Kyoto Studio Park, Aquarium, Sake Brewery, at an Inn wearing Yukata, at Hot Springs & many other Tourist attractions. You'll also get to see him wearing pop colored clothes to Black suit exploring the beauty of nature. There will also be an Long Interview featured where he'll be talking about his life and his future.

Comment by Atom Mizuishi Wearing clothes which I like, watching beautiful scenery with people whom I am like and doing things which I like. Many things like that have been shot. It's a Photobook filled with me Atom Mizuishi who is now 25 (laughs). It's a luxury when I look back now. I am really Thankful. So you'll get to see a close version of me compared to the usual me in front of a camera. I want to express many faces of me. It is a book that contain everything I can give out. I hope everyone enjoys it.

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