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Atsuki Mashiko (Zocks) Proposes His Gokaiger Crossover Story, A Warudo & Probability of Sequel

Atsuki Mashiko who plays Zocks / Twokaizer in Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger was recently interviewed by MonoMax Beams and Yahoo had released a special part of the interview. In the interview, he was asked about future developments on the show which he wants to happen.

Atsuki Mashiko had replied "I want there to be a scene where Twokaizer had fallen and Gokaigers appear for a moment and I want them to say "You are a Pirate, right? Get yourself together". I want an episode like that which follows a Twokaizer Power Up."

In the interview, he was also asked what kind of Warudo he wants to appear in the show. Atsuki-kun had replied, "I used to play soccer in the past. But I never got a chance to play in Public. Initially, I had once proposed, "How about a Soccer Warudo?". But that hasn't become real yet". He continues by saying "I want to create a Soccer Team with Human cast. Kaito, Stacy, Flint...... Yatsude-san as Goalkeeper (lol)".

In the end, the interviewer had suggested a sequel for the show for which he had replied "As a probability, it could be possible".

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