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Azu & Kamen Rider Zero-One Characters Gets Listed in Top 100 Internet Buzzwords!

Ultraman Z gets listed on Top 10 in Niconico Douga's "Net Trend 100". But it was only two buzzwords from the Ultraman Z that got in the Top 100. When it comes to Kamen Rider Zero-One, we got not two nor three... A total of Seven Buzzwords which deserved it!

The Rider born for the Revenge of Izu's death → Kamen Rider Ark-One is at 22nd Position.

The Rider born from the Bond between Aruto & Izu → Kamen Rider Zero-Two is at 25th position.

Gai Amatsu the Eternal 24 Year Old is listed at 34th position.

MetalCluster Hopper gets listed at 35th position.

Ark... Kamen Rider Ark-Zero which everyone had forgotten about is listed at 40th position.

It took some time for us to know the true identity behind Naki in the middle of the series till we came to know it was Fuwa-san. So this Naki is listed at 47th!

Too bad... Azu has been listed at 87th... How come we don't have Izu in this list!?

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