Bandai Trademarks New Super Sentai Data Carddass Game? + New Sentai Gears & Kikainoid Weapons

Bandai had trademarked the title "Change Heroes" today and this falls in game category. Game category similar to Ganbarizing as it mentions trading cards. This game might be related to Zenkaiger as the term "Change" is mostly in Sentai nowadays for transformation. Even Zenkaiger say "Change Zenkai".

Here are some pics of the new Sentai Gears. By the way, the back of the Sentai Gear has the logo of the Team. The new Sentai Gears revealed includes Go-Onger, Hurricaneger. Gokaiger and Gorenger's Sentai Gears were first revealed in Concept Document, but this is the first time seeing it.

Other than Geartlinger, Kikainoid Zenkaigers will have their own unique weapon. Zenkai Zyuran will get a Sword and a Shield and Zenkai Gaon will get Claws.

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