Chaiyo's Sompo Saengduanchai Appeals Again for Rights Over Ultraman: Thai's Supreme Court Rejects

Chaiyo Productions strikes back again after losing so many times now. This time the owner of Chaiyo Productions → Sompo Saengduanchai came up saying that the superheroes are born from his imagination. He says he created the Ultra Series when he was on fellowship in Japan studying production. Even though he tells the title of some of the series wrong even now.

The projects he worked on involves “Jumbo A”, “Ultraman 1 – Ultra Q” (wrong title), “Ultraman 2” (wrong title again), “Ultraman Seven” (What!! What Spin-off is this?), “Return of Ultraman”, “Ultraman Ace”, “Ultraman Taro”, “Jamborg Ace” (I thought Jumbo A was Jumborg Ace. Looks like he mentioned the same series twice) and “Hanuman Meets Seven Superheroes” (Agree. This is the only one which he had produced).

In the end Thai's Supreme Court had rejected his claim. Now Mr. Sompo says that he is afraid that the decision will affect his movies which are registered as part of the national heritage since 2012.


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