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Complete Selection Modification ALTERING Announced: P-Bandai Hints on Being Expensive Than Arcle

To commemorate the 20th Anniversary of Kamen Rider Agito, Premium Bandai had announced Complete Selection Modification Altering. Booking sarts from January 28th 8:00 AM JST.

In their official blog, Bandai had given some hints on the product. They had mentioned that the development of Altering was started after the release of CSM Arcle. Even though the Arcle has lot of similarities in gimmicks and other features with Altering, the development of Altering was much more difficult. Altering will have less parts than Arcle.

The blog pretty much highlights on the price especially on the Arcle being cheap, giving the reason that it was a thank you price as part of 20th Anniversary of Heisei Rider and also that Altering will be released with a reasonable price.

Ok. Let's get straight to the point. They are pretty much highlighting that the price of Altering will be expensive than Arcle.

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