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CraneJoe Describes Kamen Rider Revice's Design, Riders, Driver & Items

CraneJoe had recently did a YouTube Livestream where he had talked the impression of Kamen Rider Revice's design and gave an idea how the Rider will look like. Along with that he had confirmed that the show will start airing from September and he will also appear in Saber + Zenkaiger: Superhero Senki.

First of all he will talk about two Rider forms here and as per what he has heard, it could be a single person transforming into Two Riders. Both the Riders (or forms?) has Tyranno like mark on their left chest. One will have the mark reversed. But still on the left chest.

The main rider has too many colors. He has red eyes and the body has Light green, orange and purple. Mostly it's orange. His head is V shaped. The mouth looks fierce and has black lines. CraneJoe said he looks like a evil character with that mouth.

Belt he is using has two displays. It's almost light green and seems light weighted like OOO Driver.

The Another Rider or form is completely black with some orange colors. His head is completely different from the Main Rider. CraneJoe said it will like Head with Green Eyes inside Tyranno's mouth.

CraneJoe said the motif could be completely dinosaur. Or maybe only this form is based Dinosaur. His first impressions were like seeing Kiva.

Unlike the Main Rider, he doesn't have the Driver. Only a Buckle. He also said that the Rider has weapon attachment on his right hand and a display like thing attached on his left hand.

As per him, the items looked like Stamp. It seemed to have the mark on Tyranno. It looked like as if a Starbucks Cup or a Mug has been reversed. He described it to be pretty big. Bigger than even Lock Seed.

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