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Cross Saber Finisher Attack & Featuring Saber Form Scans

Full Scan of Kamen Rider Cross Saber Variation - "Kamen Rider Featuring Saber". It uses Brave Dragon, Lion Senki & Lamp do Alangina Wonder Ride Books with HaouKen Cross Saber to transform into this form.

Kamen Rider Cross Saber's HaouKen Cross Saber & KaenKen Rekka are two different swords.

When Cross Saber performs his finisher, he can summon 10 Seiken including Rekka (no Kyomu), and fire them at the enemy. The Swordriver will shout "HaouKen Hissatsu Read! Kidoku 10 Seiken" (HaouKen Finisher Read! Read (past-tense) 10 Seikens).

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