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Daisuke Nakagawa (Jin) Reveals His Acting Career Plans for 2021: Detective Dramas & Jidaigeki

Fumiya Takahashi (Aruto Hiden / Kamen Rider Zero-One), Noa Tsurushima (Izu / Kamen Rider Zero-Two / Azu) & Hiroe Igeta (Yua Yaiba / Kamen Rider Valkyrie) were known to be model who have come to acting industry with Kamen Rider Zero-One. But there was one actor in Zero-One who's work was largely focused on modelling industry. That is Daisuke Nakagawa who had played Jin / Kamen Rider Jin.

He won the Grand Prize in 2016's MEN'S NON-NO Audition and began his modelling career. In 2019, he joined KEN-ON Talent Agency (Fukushi Sota → Kamen Rider Fourze's management) and began his acting career while still focusing on modelling.

With the start of the year 2021, he had revealed what he want to do with his acting career. Daisuke Nakagawa -"I want to experience different acting fields like Love Comedy, work which is like a mini theater, Detective or Jidaigeki. I want to appear in different genres. I want to make this year where I obtain many experience. I want to my acting career".

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