DARKNESS HEELS Manga Adaptation Announced

DARKNESS HEELS the Ultraman Stage Show which focuses on the popular Villains - Ultraman Belial, Camearra, Evil Tiga, Dark Zagi & Jugglus Juggler gets adapted into a Manga as "DARKNESS HEELS -Lili-".

Monthly serialization of this comic starts from April 23 in ComicWalker with first episode consisting of 50 pages. This manga is planned to have a total of 25 episodes.

Story Guide

There is a conflict going for a long time on Planet Foos. Nation is divided as Upper & Lower class citizens. Because of the appearance of the weapon - Battlenizer the conflict has intensified.

A girl named Lili is confronting the lower class citizens as part of Mob Suppression Unit belong to senior class citizens. She is doubtful about the work she is doing.

One day, without thinking much about herself, Lili jumps to save a little girl from the monster summoned using Battlenizer. That moment, a mysterious man in black appears between the monster and the girl.

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