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Details on Cross Saber & His Sword - TOSEIBA (TOSABER?), Espada Returns (Is it Mei?) & more

Touma will use the new Seiken on his Seiken Swordriver to transform into Kamen Rider Cross Saber. It's not clear if he is also using a new Wonder Ride Book or it is just Brave Dragon.

The Seiken is called as HaouKen Toseiba (Blade King-Sword-Ten Holy Blades). The Red Sun like symbol on the Toseiba (TO-SABER?) can be moved up and down pretty much in similar fashion as Kamen Rider Kiva's Zanvat Sword. The moving up & down process might light up the sword.

He will use this form to fight against Kamen Rider Solomon and later also with a Megid with the help of Blades.

We also see the return of Espada. But we also have Calibur in the line. So the new Espada is Mei? Ren / Kenzan also joins the Touma troupe.

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