Details on Gokaiger 10th Anniversary Special: New Special Guest Teased

Gokaiger 10th Anniversary Special "Gokai Announcement Special Program" is tomorrow. Premieres at 11 AM JST. It is Region Restricted. Get ready with the VPN. Since Tomokazu Seki is holding the Geardalinger, so the Special Announcement should have some relation with Zenkaiger.

In the Program, Tomokazu Seki who boasts himself as the biggest Tokusatsu Fan had come up with five Gokaiger topics to talk about in the show. They will deep dive into the charms of the Gokaiger Series. You'll also get to hear some of the dialogues from the show.

A Special Guest related to a Movie will also appear in the second half and they'll talk about that movie with him.

At the end, the announcement which we are eagerly waiting for will be announced. What could it be?

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