Ex-Aid Star Shouma Machii Becomes An 'Actor Entrepreneur' By Establishing His Own Company 'BBuild'

Actor Shouma Machii who had played Graphite in Kamen Rider Ex-Aid announced on his Twitter & Instagram on June 15th that he had started his own company called "BBuild Co., Ltd.". With this company, he had said that he going to create his own Genderless Cosmetic Brand. This doesn't mean that he is stopping or retiring from acting. He will continue to be in the Entertainment Industry as he calls himself an 'Actor Entrepreneur'.

Below is the translation of his announcement from Instagram,

Announcement Today, I have established 'BBuild Co., Ltd.' It has the meaning of "美(Bi) Beauty" & "確立させる (to Build) - Build". Since my College days I have been thinking to do Beauty Business which I am interested in. Finally, I had decided to take a step forward. For last half a year I had thought a lot and solidified this idea. I am planning to establish a Genderless Cosmetic Brand focused on Men. Currently we are still in development. We are aiming at making the Men around the World more beautiful. Of course, I will continue with my acting career like usual. From now, I want to start new as an Actor, as an Businessman, with the new title of 'Actor Entrepreneur'. Please continue to support me. Shouma Machii
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