First Scan of Kamen Rider Calibur in Human Form & Riders Fight Scans

With TV-Asahi Confirming Kamen Rider Calibur to be Kento's Father to Mitsuru Karahashi Confirmed as Kamen Rider Calibur's Actor, we get to see the first scan of Mitsuru Karahashi as Kamen Rider Calibur's Human form → Hayato Fukamiya. He used to fight against the Megidos along with the Previous Swordsman of Flame & Ryo Ogami / Kamen Rider Buster.

Because of an Incident, he disappeared from them and also betrayed Sword of Logos.

Ren Akamichi is the Swordsman of Wind → Kamen Rider Kenzan. His philosophy is "Justice is Strength". He has confidence on his strength. While he respects Kento, he has rival relationship with Touma.

More Scans!!

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