Fukkinhokai Taro, Lawyer Bingo, Mashiro-chan To Reprise in Zero-One the Movie! +100% Additional Cast

Everyone's Favorite Kamen Rider Zero-One character → Fukkinhokai Taro and the Humagear played by that Legendary Man from Kyuranger are going to appear in Kamen Rider Zero-One the Movie.

So Nakayama Kinnikun (Fukkinhokai Taro), Keisuke Minami (Lawyer Bingo) & Suzuka Ohga (Mashiro-chan) are going to reprise their respective Humagear roles from the TV Series in the movie. They are seen in the Hiden Intelligence's Secret Lab with a 100% naked man!!

This person is comedian Akira 100% who is know for his comedy skits where he will appear naked hidden by some plate.

So this person is going to play the role of ZAIA Enterprise Japan's Managing Director Makio Nodachi and surrounded by Humagears for some reason. He is one of the key characters of this story.

Akira-san had said that he had Action scene using wire. Just what role is he even playing that a Managing Director is going to perform Action?

By the way, getting naked... wasn't that Legendary Man's thing?

Even Keisuke Minami had jokingly tweeted that even he's not sure whether he wearing the suit is correct now or not after seeing Akira 100% naked.

Fukkinhokai Taro will also do his thing of bursting his Abs but for some reason candies are seen coming out!

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