Fukushi Sota (Kamen Rider Fourze) Reveals He Was Worried About Doing Regent Hair for Gentaro's Role

Fukushi Sota who had played Gentaro Kisaragi / Kamen Rider Fourze and currently known for his appearance & performance in multiple hit movies which you guys already know about, has appeared on Fuji TV's Life Information Show "Nonstop!" to talk about his new Drama "DIVER", today. Shuhei Nomura who is also going to star in the same drama had also appeared as guest in the show along with Fukushi.

Fukushi-kun originally talked about how he got into the Entertainment Industry → Someone taking a Offshot of him as a kid, this photo reaching the talent agency KEN-ON. KEN-ON recruiting him and getting selected for Kamen Rider Fourze for the role of Yanky High School Student Gentaro Kisaragi who will become Kamen Rider Fourze.

But after going to filming, he came to know about the shocking truth that was beyond his expectations of Ikemen Kamen Rider. He was more concerned about making Gentaro's Signature hairstyle 'Regent'. He reveals that it was All back in the beginning. But to fit in the role of Gentaro, the staff suggested to make Regent.

Fukushi Sota says he was concerned about this for a year and he decided to stay quiet until now. He had also revealed he prefers to do the hairstyling on his hair on his own that depending on somebody.

After this they had a look into Shuhei-san's profile, moving to food corner, developing muscles, routine, food balance and more.

Check out the above video to see more from Nonstop!

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