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Fumiya Takahashi Cast in Takashi Shimizu's Horror Film "Cow Neck Village"

Actor Fumiya Takahashi who had played Aruto Hiden / Kamen Rider Zero-One in Kamen Rider Zero-One series has been cast in Takashi Shimizu's (JUON / The Grudge) new Horror Film "Cow Neck Village" (Ushikubimura). This is the third entry in Takashi Shimizu's Horror Village film series.

Model & now Actress - Koki is going to star in the film and the filming had wrapped up on August 5th. The release date of the movie still hasn't been announced.

Comment by Fumiya Takahashi

"This time I will appear on Ushikubimura. There are many new things. This is the first time I am appearing in a Horror film. I am not good with ghosts and I haven't watched any Horror Film till the end in private. When filming was getting near, I was equally excited and worried. It's been almost a month since joining Team Shimizu. Because Director Shimizu and Staff focus on details, many thoughts kept on overlapping, and it's been exciting to see a new video get created. I was happy when I was in Ushikubimura's world. The filming ended so fast that I feel I wanted to work more with everyone. I can't wait to see Ushikubimura which got compiled into one. Everyone, do enjoy it! Thank You!"

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