Fumiya Takahashi Wants to Return As Kamen Rider Zero-One After 10 Years

We have waited the whole Heisei era for the return of Joe Odagiri as Kamen Rider Kuuga, but it never got fulfilled. Now Fumiya Takahashi's Kamen Rider Zero-One marks the first Rider of Reiwa era and he seems to be pretty much interested to appear in Kamen Rider series again as per the recent Interview by Mynavi News.

Interviewer - "Zero-One's Story seems to end here, but if there exists a 'Story of Aruto' in the future, Takahashi-san after how many years would you like to play Aruto?"

Fumiya Takahashi - "I think 10 years later is the best. Aruto is currently 22 years old. After 10 years, he'll be 32. I would also be 29 then and my acting experience would have also increased in the 10 years. I would be interested to show the good side of Aruto. If I can do that, I would be really happy as an actor.

After 10 years, people would say it's a Reiwa Rider. It would be really best for me to return as Aruto Hiden / Kamen Rider Zero-One. I want to be introduced as "That Fumiya Takahashi will return as Zero-One!". I really want them to say 'That' (lol). I will continue to be an actor till that point. I will do my best!".

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