Gaku Oshida (Kamen Rider Geiz) Had Left His Talent Agency Evergreen Entertainment

Gaku Oshida who had played Geiz Myokoin / Kamen Rider Geiz in Kamen Rider Zi-O had announced that he has left his Talent Agency → Evergreen Entertainment. He made this announcement on his Social Media accounts.

Translation of the Announcement

"[An Announcement]

Yesterday March 31st, I have resigned from Evergreen Entertainment. In the last four years, they have thought me many things that I didn't know. This includes fun and also the severity of work, they have guided me, gave me lots of experience. The current me is present because of I was able to connect with multiple works via this company. It's all because of all the Staff. President, Manager have worked together. All the talents in the company are grateful to them. I am really thankful from my heart for pushing me forward after considering my decision. I won't waste the experience in this company and I will continue to work hard.

And also Thanks to all the fans for their Support. It became a strength for me.

I know this is a sudden announcement. But I will continue to challenge everything. I like acting and I want to think about the future.

I will continue to announce my activities in my Social Media Accounts.

Look forward for my future. Thanks"

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