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Geed's Tadashi Mizuno Joins Ultraman Trigger Cast: Pilot of Nursedessei + Details on Nursedessei

Tadashi Mizuno who had appeared in Ultraman Geed as Haruo Kume the owner of Galaxy Market has been announced to appear in Ultraman Trigger with a new role - Tesshin Sakuma. He is the member of GUTS-Select and the pilot of the mobile mothership - Nursedessei.

Tsuburaya describes Tesshin Sakuma as

A master pilot, or rather “muscle” pilot who drives the 40-meter class giant battleship, Nursedessei. Tesshin is a muscle-bound fitness nut who can be almost swelteringly hot-blooded. He tends to have a poor sense of personal space, earning the ire of Akito. However, he isn’t the type to emphasize hierarchical relationships and is extremely frank with the rookie Kengo, earning him esteem as a sort of older brother figure.

By the way, here's a fun fact. Tadashi Mizuno comes from the same talent agency - Alpha Selection which Takaya Aoyagi (Jugglus Juggler / Shota Hebikura) was also part of till recent.

Comment by Tadashi Mizuno

Hello, everyone! I’m Tadashi Mizuno, and this time I’ll be playing Tesshin Sakuma in Ultraman Trigger. Every day I am struck by how happy I am to be returning to the world of Ultraman for its 55th anniversary. I felt the passion in X, formed bonds in Geed, and this time in Trigger I will be bringing the love and take on the series and its monsters together with my wonderful, incredible comrades! We are all working together as hard as we can to ensure that everyone from new viewers to longstanding fans of Ultraman and tokusatsu will enjoy the show! Our new history starts now. Ultraman Trigger, take off!

Though the first image of Nursedessei was previously revealed, Tsuburaya had given the details of the battleship for the first time. It is referred as 'Anti-Monster Battleship'.

The Nursedessei carries the elite members of the expert team GUTS-Select into battle against monsters. This gigantic battleship is 40 meters long and is equipped with a large-scale charged particle cannon called the “Nurse Cannon” on its starboard side. Designed by Akito, the team’s genius engineer, the Terrestrial Peaceable Union (TPU) devoted all of its resources towards the Nursedessei’s development. In addition to having a bridge that functions as a mobile command center and rooms for each of the members, it also houses Akito’s lab, where mysterious stone slabs excavated from the ruins of the Ultra-Ancient civilization are analyzed.
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