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Gekiranger's Miki Masaki & Natsume Masaki To Return in Kiramager Episode 27! Nikiniki!! Ukiuki!!

Kazue Itoh (Miki Masaki) & Sakina Kuwae (Natsume Masaki) from Gekiranger are going to reprise their roles in Kiramager Episode 27. Yes, it's related to Sena's scrtc logo on Sena's Running Gear. Well, it seems Natsume and Sena are Sempai-Kouhai from School and due to that Sena got the sponsorship from scrtc.

Well Natsume had taken over the path of her mother and she is now developing new products for the company. Sena who is expanding her career as an athlete is trying out the new Support Gear developed by scrtc which Yodonna later turns that into a bomb while Sena is wearing it.

They will be reprising their roles after 13 years from the series. They will also speak in Jan's language saying words like "Nikiniki", "Moramora", "Zowazowa" & more! Sena will struggle to understand it but Juru will understand it easily and will be interact with them using those words.

All the Kiramager cast have struggled to say those words but both Sakina-san & Itoh-san were able to pronounce it fluently.

That's not all! Itoh-san is going to perform Gekiju Leopard Fist, the special attack which she can perform. She remembers all the pose for performing Gekiju Leopard Fist and she did it smoothly. Sakina-san will also show off her dance moves which was Natsume-san's special talent!

Hideaki Tsukada had initially suggested the idea for putting scrtc logo on Sena-san's uniform as an Easter egg because he had also produced Gekiranger and Kiramager was his return to Sentai TV Series after 13 years.

Sakina Kuwae had recently announced her marriage.

For those who didn't know about this fact, Kazue Itoh had appeared in Kikaider, Kamen Rider V3, Kamen Rider Stronger and Gorenger as a Child Actress (extra). These appearance remain as the earliest records of her appearance.

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