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Gokaiger Star Kei Hosogai Returns As Treasure Hunter in Ultraman Trigger

Kei Hosogai who had previously played Basco ta Jolokia in Gokaiger is going to appear in Ultraman Trigger as a Treasure Hunter named Ignis. In his home planet Lishuria, he is 334 years old. But the equivalent earth years would be 34 years.

Tsuburaya Productions describes his role as

Today’s update introduces the intrepid treasure hunter, Ignis, who travels the galaxy in pursuit of only “top-class” treasures. Having worked his way into becoming an integral member of Ultraman Trigger and GUTS-Select, his actions are as riveting as they are curious.
At first sight, Lishurians are indistinguishable from humans on Planet Earth, but when they get excited or emotional, the difference becomes clear. As he’s always fond of saying, he quests only for the “top-class” treasures, and his galactic travels bring him to Earth, where he somehow meets up with and becomes closely tied to GUTS-Select.

Comment from Kei Hosogai

Nice to meet you! My name is Kei Hosogai, and I’m excited to be playing the role of Ignis in Ultraman Trigger. Getting to play a starring role in the Ultraman series, with its pioneering role in the world of tokusatsu, is an honor beyond my wildest dreams. Especially for this festive occasion of Ultraman’s 55th anniversary, I’ll be doing my best to give this series as much pizzazz as possible! I’m Ignis, number one treasure hunter in the universe! Time to hunt some top-class treasures!
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