GOLD STORM / Gekiranger's Sakina Kuwae Announces Marriage

Actress Sakina Kuwae who had played Natsume Masaki in Gekiranger and Ryume-sama in GARO: GOLD STORM Series had announced her marriage today in her Twitter. She is going to marry a normal person who is not a celeb and she had been dating her for 4 years.

She had written the message with her own hands on a paper and had posted it.


To everyone who are supporting me, I would like to thank you for supporting me till now. This is about my personal life. But I have like to this chance to announce that I have recently married a normal person who I was dating. It's been 4 years since we began dating and this naturally turned into marriage. We are still new to this, but we would like to grow our family with smiles. We would like your guidance for the future. I will continue to work hard like this even after the marriage so please watch over me. Sakina Kuwae September 25, 2020

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