Haruki Natsukawa (Ultraman Z) Returns in Ultraman Trigger

Kohshu Hirano who played the iconic Haruki Natsukawa / Ultraman Z last year is going to return back this year for Ultraman Trigger: NEW GENERATION TIGA. He is confirmed as a Guest Character and his appearance might be limited to one or two episodes. Ultraman Z's director Kiyotaka Taguchi will be directing Haruki's appearance episode.

Interestingly, Haruki is seen holding GUTS Sparklence in the still released. The Hyper Key inserted looks like Ultraman Z Alpha Edge. Does this mean that he will get a new form in this Series just like how Ultraman Geed got in Ultraman Z? I also wonder if the leaked Ultraman Zero Sword has something to do with Haruki's guest appearance episode?

Comment from Kohshu Hirano

Hello, everyone! I am Kohshu Hirano, and I am once again playing Haruki Natsukawa. My first day back on set, the crew greeted me with a warm, “Welcome home!” Without missing a step, I replied, “It’s good to be home!” I am delighted to return to the set, which has really become like a second home for me. I hope that everyone watching the show is just as delighted as I was making it. Now, Haruki is back and with some experience under his belt, I can’t wait to see how he’ll evolve as a character in the series. In true Haruki fashion, I hope that Z and I can bring some extra fire to Ultraman Trigger. Join me to crank up the heat on Saturday mornings and “Chant My Name”!
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