Hayate Ichinose (Ryusoul Red) Talks Acting First Time with Mana Kinjo: Expresses Grief on Passing

Hayate Ichinose (Kou / Ryusoul Red) had updated his Twitter today after hearing about Mana Kinjo's passing. He had talked about the first time meeting Mana Kinjo in Ryusoulger Filming.

To Manappe, Manappe was the only one person who used to call me with a strange nickname that is 'Hayatemaru'. In my life as an actor, my first scene was to find Ui-chan played by Manappe & Tyramigo. I still remember the chill, the white wind & exhiliration from that January 8. Every time you act, you used to live refreshing. That figure of yours was attractive. This has taught me the main thing in acting. I am proud of myself to act with charismatic Manappe in my first acting in front of camera. I will never forget the cute smile that you showed to us in the filming. It was a long fight & you have did your best. I am really thankful. From Hayatemaru
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