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Hayato Isomura Looks Back At His Kamen Rider Career Experience

Actor Hayato Isomura who had previously played Alain / Kamen Rider Necrom in Kamen Rider Ghost had appeared on actress Riho Yoshioka's radio show "UR LIFESTYLE COLLEGE" on September 12. He had talked about his experience in Kamen Rider Ghost which helped him in his career.

He says "I have always considered it as a big turning point. Until then, I was never able to pass any audition and even I get to appear in a Drama it was only small roles. After I worked on Kamen Rider, everything began. That connected to my appearance in Asadora. Because everything began from there, I felt it was good that I worked on Rider (series). It is like my starting point".

Riho Yoshioka replied "That's interesting. Rider (series) feels good. I hear that filming is really difficult. You have to do that one year plus compared to Asadora Heroine who work for 10 months, Taiga drama for one and half years?. You have work on the Rider (series) for more than one year with the same role. I also heard that you have to appear at events. Wasn't that difficult?".

Isomura says "It was really difficult! You had to do that (events) while filming the Drama, Spin-off movie, Feature Films. Those were dizzy days for an actor who is a fresher. Once the filming is completed, you had to go to dubbing. It is a place where you can learn all the basics. Directors are strict, you will learn about actions. You will learn all the skills required to become an actor".

(Source - Sponichi Annex)

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