HellRise Progrise Key coming from Premium Bandai

HellRise Progrise Key will turn Aruto into Kamen Rider Zero-One Hell Rising Hopper in Kamen Rider Zero-One the Movie: REAL×TIME.

To use it you have first press the button on the Progrise Key which shouts out "Hell Rise!" and after scanning on Zero-One Driver, it will shout out "Authorize!". Once you insert it in Zero-One Driver it will shout out "Progrise! Hells energy as destroy the world HELL RISINGHOPPER! HEAVEN or HELL it doesn't matter."

To perform the finisher, press the button on the Progrise Key and insert it again. Driver and Progrise Key will shout out "HellRise Charge! HellRising! Impact!"

This will also include Aruto's dialogues from the movie.

The price of this Progrise Key is 2,750 Yen and reservations will end on January 6th and delivery in April.

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