HENSHIN by KAMEN RIDER - Official Fashion Brand Inspired from Kamen Rider

Ultraman has "A MAN OF ULTRA" & "ULTRA STYLE" fashion brands and now with the help of Bandai Fashion, Kamen Rider is starting their own Fashion Brand "HENSHIN by KAMEN RIDER".

As part of their first collection they are releasing Kuuga, Double & Faiz inspired Sneakers. HENSHIN by KAMEN RIDER is also collaborating with Fashion brands FUMITO GANRYU & ANREALAGE to produce T-Shirts.

They are also releasing many more clothing stuffs and you can check those out on their official website https://henshin-k.bandai.co.jp & also follow them on Twitter @ByHenshin. Theme of the first collection is limited to Kuuga, Double & Faiz. Maybe we'll get more in the future.

The official website had also mentioned they'll upload an interview with Yosuke Kubozuka where he'll be seen reviewing this new Brand. Hope this opens up a door for him to play a role in Kamen Rider Saber movie or something like that.

For those who don't know Yosuke Kubozuka, he is a great actor, musician who had appeared in 1998's GTO, Himizu, TOKYO TRIBE, Z Island and even Martin Scorsese's Silence.

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