Hikari Kuroki Gets To Do Gravure in Okinawa and Also Talks About Ultraman Z

Hikari Kuroki who plays Yuka Ohta in Ultraman Z had appeared in the Gekkan Entame December & January Merger Issue released on October 30 and she got to do Gravure photoshoot at Okinawa's beautiful beach. She had mentioned in the interview that she always wanted to go to Okinawa's Sea and she enjoyed playing and enjoying there till she got tired.

The Interview in Gekkan Entame focused on her acting in Ultraman Z Episode 16 where she got trending on Twitter and she got to be called as Kaiju Actress. She also said that she wanted to act with Seabozu which became her origin monster to love Kaijus.

Get your copy of the Magazine now and read the Interview & see the Gravure shots

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