Hikari Kuroki & Kanegon's Gravure Coming Out Tomorrow!

As teased earlier, Hikari Kuroki & Kanegon's new Gravure is out in Besatsu Young Magazine December Edition releasing tomorrow November 4th. As per the news article, it's after 53 years that Kanegon had appeared with some model on the magazine cover.

I searched for old magazine. It was an Kids magazine "Shonen" with a kid. Moving back to the Hikari-chan's gravure...

The Kanegon and Hikari-chan's collaboration is not limited to the cover page. There will also be gravure pages where she is seen wearing a white dress, STORAGE Uniform and also in MRC's Uniform (Kaburagi Shinya's uniform) holding the STORAGE's tablet and inspecting Kanegon...

There will also be individual Gravure shots of Hikari-chan. Hikari-chan had mentioned that she was very happy when she came to know that she is going to do Gravure with Kanegon and wanted to meet Kanegon as soon as possible. She also mentioned that she got the chance to decorate this volume as per her choice. Hence it will be a special volume in her life.

The magazine will come with a Making DVD.

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