Hikari Kuroki's Weekly Playboy Solo Gravure + Nashiko Momotsuki & Mei Angela Talks About Hikari

Hikari Kuroki (Yuka Ohta) who is appearing on Weekly Playboy's latest edition along with Mei Angela & Nashiko Momotsuki has a Solo Gravure which is titled as "When you realize, it's Spring......".

With Interview about Nashiko Momotsuki & Interview about Mei Angela, lastly we have the interview where Nashiko & Mei talk about Hikari Kuroki.

Interviwer - Then what about Kuroki-san?

Mei - She is Noisy on another level!

Nashiko - She talks like a Machine Gun. You can always see her talk in Waiting Room & Make Up Room.

Mei - Around 2 years back she got addicted to Vocal Percussion. Since then she has been doing it all the time (laughs).

Nashiko - She sings that even now. But because of that the surrounding atmosphere becomes calm.

Hikari - I don't like too much of silence. I turn into a comedian to make people laugh.

Mei - She jumps in no matter what I say. Suddenly if you say "Everybody Say! Yeah-Oh!", she replies back with "Yeah-Oh!" (laughs).

Hikari - I can also be silent when it's the situation to be! But when I am together with both, I feel like talking.

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