Hikari Kuroki (Yuka Ohta) Is A Real Ultra Kaiju Lover!

Hikari Kuroki who plays Yuka Ohta in Ultraman Z, a Kaiju Researcher recently took an interview by Tokyo Sports Web where she had talked about her love for monster and the origin of it. Everyone might have assumed that even though her character likes monster, that wouldn't mean that her real self will. But this interview proved it to be wrong.

She had revealed that since childhood she had been watching Ultraman under the influence of her parents. In the next episode of Ultraman Z, Yuka's origin of loving monsters will be revealed. But when it comes Hikari, she had revealed that 2 years back she had watched Jisoji Akio's Ultraman Episode 35: "Monster Graveyard" which lead her to become Kaiju lover.

She saw the monster Seabozu to be cute and express sympathy for it. She felt that it is pretty sad for the monsters to be destroyed who appear as the enemy of monsters. She continued by saying people might think monsters don't have expression and are scary. But that's true. If you look closely then you might notice the feelings in them.

Maybe the reason for her being the Kaiju lover had lead to the cool collaboration Gravure with Kanegon.

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