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Hinami Mori (Flint) & Mio Kudo (Sayo) - Old & New Sentai Heroines Featured on FRIDAY Magazine

Mio Kudo & Zenkaiger's New Heroine → Hinami Mori (Flint) had got a Gravure just a few days back. Both were on different magazine's. Hinami-chan got it in Big Comic Spirits & Mio Kudo got it in FLASH magazine. But this week, both the old & new Sentai got the gravure together in a single magazine. That is in the latest edition (May 28th Volume) of FRIDAY released on May 14th.

Mio Kudo's gravure is titled as "Ennui Look" whereas Hinami-chan's gravure is titled as "Beautiful Body Zenkai!".

Highlight of Hinami Mori's gravure is that she will be wearing Yukata in this.

Unreleased Gravure offshots from the recent Hinami Mori's Big Comic Spirits Gravure.

Unreleased Gravure shots from the recent Mio Kudo's FLASH Magazine Gravure.

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