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Hinami Mori Talks About Her Idea of Flint's Zenkaiger Form

Actress Hinami Mori who currently plays Flint Goldtsuiker was interviewed by Nikkan SPA! and she was asked if she wants to transform.

So for this Hinami Mori replied "Of course! Flint is strong and solid than any man. But since I belong to the 'Futari wa PreCure' generation, if she gets to transform then I want that to be cute. A ribbon near the chest, a heart beam, etc (lol). Because she is a Pirate, it should be 'Revolution' (gag)...... no, it should be Aura Beam. In the end for defeating the enemy, she'll leave it to her brother. Flint will just support till there. With that said, it's a KO. (lol)".

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