Hiroe Igeta Reveals That She Cried After Seeing Fumiya-kun Cry during Zero-One Filming Wrap Up

Mynavi News had recently took the interview of Hiroe Igeta as part of Kamen Rider Zero-One the Movie: REAL×TIME release. At the beginning of the interview, she had talked about how she felt like crying in the final scene.

Interviewer - "How did you feel the moment when TV Series reached it's Final Episode?"

Hiroe Igeta - "I had appeared in the last scene of the Final Episode. It was really a strange feeling. Coming to filming daily the whole year has turned into a habit. I was feeling is this really going to end? The Last lines "Whether it's Humans or Humagears, the freedom to their hearts should be respected. As long as you fight beyond the fence for the freedom, you are a Kamen Rider" were just perfect as last lines. When I was saying this, I felt like crying more than anything. But when ended, I felt like "But Movie is still there from here". It was mixed feelings where you feel like it ends and also that it didn't end.

When filming wrapped up, I got no tears. I just felt like "Ah... it ends here". I can't be stopped if I cry once. I was trying hard not to cry. But Fumiya Takahashi-kun came to see filming wrap up of co-stars. I received Flower bouquet from him and also took a pic with him. That is where Fumiya-kun began crying. Fumiya-kun was feeling lonely to see everyone wrap up the filming. Even I cried seeing him".

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