Hiroshi Fujioka Reveals He Is Open To Return as Kamen Rider for 50th Anniversary

RealSound had recently Interviewed Hiroshi Fujioka as part of 4K Remaster streaming of Kamen Rider Shows on Toei's YouTube Channel. In this Interview he was asked if he gets the offer for Kamen Rider 50th Anniversary, would he be interested to return back? And this is what he said.

"Eh, I can still do it! I can still do it now. I want to spread a new message. In times of Corona, because of this situation I think we can echo a good story to the world".

In the interview he had also revealed why he is open to return to play his Kamen Rider / Hongo Takeshi once again.

"Hirayama-sensei (Producer Tooru Hirayama) had told me "Fujioka-kun, you have to play Kamen Rider once again. Become a Kamen Rider. (If I would return) then Hirayama-sensei would be really happy......".

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