Hiroshi Fujioka Narrates His Kamen Rider 50th Anniversary Message

Hiroshi Fujioka (Takeshi Hongo / Kamen Rider 1) had given his Kamen Rider 50th Anniversary message on April 3rd. Today a video was released where you can hear him narrate his own message. Read the message once again with his own voice.

Translated Message

"Kamen Rider Episode 1 aired on TV on April 3rd, 1971. It's 50th Anniversary...... Years have passed so quickly. If you think about it. It was the start of a turbulent youth.

Before the broadcast, that is during the filming of Episode 10 - I was severely injured in a Bike Accident due to the fact that I wanted to do everything without using Stuntman. I was told that I wouldn't be able to recover. But I had decided to take a major surgery. In the worst pain and distress, I was lying down on the bed and watched my brave figure on the Kamen Rider Episode 1 on TV.

I can't forget this April 3rd. I was sobbing and sobbing. I was overwhelmed by despair.

I had a fierce battle with myself which I can't express in words.

Because of everyone's Thanks, I was able to make a miraculous return. Because of that return / revival of Kamen Rider, the current exists. I am indebted to everyone. It was the series of miracles. He (Kamen Rider) is continuing to influence large number of children.

The memories and hardship of many people letting me play original Kamen Rider 1 - Takeshi Hongo flashes before my eyes. The present is engraved in the history of late teachers (directors & staffs involved in the production of Kamen Rider), my seniors (Co-stars). It feel it deeply.

Kids will never get bored of asking for Heroes, those heroes of different generation will put an impression in the kids. This will greatly influence the life of those kids.

There is a responsibility & influence to play an hero. I will continue to take that up. Kamen Rider will continue carry that burden and keep giving Love, Braveness, Dream & Hope to all the Children in the world. Is it just be who has this thought......

Late Shotaro Ishinomori who is a great genius, the creator had said

Heroes will never die. They are 'Eternal'

This is deep.

Sensei's (Shotaro Ishinomori) feelings that are entrusted to the kids will shine more and more in the current era.

Kamen Rider - The Hero created by Japan.

Kamen Rider will continue to fight will the world and all of humanity.

He will always be by your side.


Hiroshi Fujioka"

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