Hiroshi Fujioka Reveals the Story Behind Getting the Kamen Rider Role & Breaking the Agreement

Interviewer - Recently you are appearing a lot on TV with your children and it's also Kamen Rider's 50th Anniversary this year. You are always in the frontline. This might be rude way of saying. But you haven't forgotten it, right?

Hiroshi Fujioka - I haven't thought about it much. But because I get called, I am still active even now. I am thankful for that. I have learnt a lot from that. Even being 75 now, I am still enjoying my life.

Interviewer - I really think that is great. But how did you feel when you first got the work of Kamen Rider?

Hiroshi Fujioka - That time I felt like... should I say a challenge. I was very happy. But also anxious. I started as a newbie in a Shochiku movie. I had appeared in multiple youth movies. But Shochiku is actually the kingdom for actresses. Hence I wanted an active place where I can use my strength. That's when I was introduced to someone by a person whom I am thankful for. He introduced me to multiple people concerned.

Interviewer - Is that something like an audition?

Hiroshi Fujioka - Yes. I was shocked when I got selected for Kamen Rider. But to tell the truth, me who is a newbie was still in contract with Shochiku. There was Five-Company Agreement during those days. (More Info on Wikipedia on Five-Company Agreement)

Interviewer - Oh. I see. So you can't appear in the works of other movie companies. Kamen Rider is Toei, right?

Hiroshi Fujioka - That's correct. In that way, it was an adventure. That time there were many whom I am indebted to. They put their efforts for me and talked with Shochiku executives. That went well and because of that I was able to appear in Kamen Rider surpassing the Five-Company Agreement.

Interviewer - I think your luck was good.

Hiroshi Fujioka - Because of that I have something that I am passionate about.

Interviewer - How did you feel after acting him?

Hiroshi Fujioka - It was harder than I had expected. There is something called 'Stage Combat' which is completely different from Martial Arts. In short, it's the action that turns into a picture. I was taught about it at the Dojo where the Ohno Kenkyukai - the stuntmen of that time. So I started Kamen Rider with that rigorous training. People who played Shocker are my friends who trained with me.

Interviewer - It might also be the first time that you have acted while wearing the Mask and Suits.

Hiroshi Fujioka - The first suit was made up of leather. It used to get tight as I sweat. They have made it perfectly to fit my size. But they didn't expect what would have happened if I do hard actions wearing that.

Interviewer - That mask also seems to have narrow field of view, right?

Hiroshi Fujioka - It's narrow. If you wear that, you can't see left, right, up & down. It's dangerous to wear that and ride a bike. Rider's Bike are normal bikes fitted with multiple attachments. So it's difficult to get the centre of gravity. Hence the balance is bad.

Interviewer - I see!

Hiroshi Fujioka - So I had premonition from the beginning that something will happen someday.

Interviewer - Didn't you leave it to Stuntman for the After Henshin scenes?

Hiroshi Fujioka - There was no such thing as that during my time. Since I had the experience of action and riding Large wheeled Bike, may be naturally it became like that. I wasn't used to the industry that time. I assumed that I had to do everything.

(Source - Asagei)

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