Hitomi Isaka (KRGS) Requested Toei Producer To Do Something for Kamen Rider OOO 10th Anniversary

During the June 25th Radiranger Broadcast, Hitomi Isaka from KAMEN RIDER GIRLS appeared on the show as an assistant. She had talked multiple things about her favorite Kamen Rider OOO while reading out the mails from fans about OOO.

During the talk, she pointed out the Insert Songs were used in a pretty unique for OOO compared to now where they have stopped using it, how Gaon in Zenkaiger just reminds her of Kazari from OOO, OOO's Finisher where he jumps from the sky, Ankh shouting out "Taka" "Kujaku" "Condor" in the finale. When the time was almost over for the corner she requested Toei-san to do something for Kamen Rider OOO's 10th Anniversary.

Coincidentally Naomi Takebe that is Kamen Rider OOO's producer was present that day. Both the hosts - Hiroshi Kamiya & Kenichi Suzumura also requested Naomi Takebe to do something. They also jokingly said it shouldn't something like a special LINE Sticker after that.

Looks like even the hosts are expecting big.

So in the end. The question is... Will they make it happen?

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