Interview: Hinami Mori (Flint) Reveals Her Zenkaiger Roll Call Scene Was Cut

Hinami Mori who plays Flint in Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger has recently been interviewed by The TV and she had once again expressed her feelings to transform. Along with this, she had revealed that one of her scenes was cut. Read the translated extract of the interview below to know what was cut out.

Interviewer - Can you tell us a point about Flint which you want everyone to see?

Hinami Mori - Because Flint doesn't transform, she doesn't have anything to hold in her hands when everyone else holds a Gear. Even if I don't transform, I have been doing something recently by imitating others and with this, I am expressing my feelings to transform. It's like when others are doing their roll call, even I do my roll call. I tried to do this as an adlib during the test. Directors and Staff liked it and said "Ah, that's good". They accepted it and it made me happy.

Interviewer - I think you want more of this, right!

Hinami Mori - Yes. But after the filming, we do dubbing. When I saw the footage I noticed that they have cut the scene. I was like "Uwaa, I did my best over there!". Sometimes due to that, I get frustrated. So I feel it would be good if there was a sub-audio. I have been dubbing a lot recently and I am getting used to it. But it's still a bit difficult. I feel if I transform, I will have a hard time... (laughs).

Interviewer - Could it mean that you are going to transform soon?

Hinami Mori - Noo, I don't know. I haven't heard anything. All I can say is look forward to it... But I have the desire!

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