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Interview: Hinami Mori (Flint) Talks About Zenkaiger Audition, Getting Selected and Filming

Hinami Mori who plays Flint Goldtsuiker in Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger had appeared on Weekly Playboy no. 22 released today (May 17). She was featured on the cover page of the magazine. Along with that the magazine's website - Shupure News had interviewed her about the Gravure & also about her role in Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger. So here's the translation of the interview.

Interviewer - Tell us about Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger in which you appear.

Hinami Mori - I had taken the audition considering that it is a perfect role for me to deliver the energy to everyone from morning. First of all I thought of "Finishing it off with my Introduction" so I have been practicing it a lot. On the day of the audition, I was louder than anyone and also proudly said "Good Morning!". I walked like Audrey Kasuga (Japanese comedian). I don't know whether that is the reason for me to pass (laughs). But after I was selected, I was told that "You were a girl with whom we want to work with". I was happy.

Interviewer - How did you react when you heard that you have passed?

Hinami - Before I got the call about passing I was talking with my Manager about the Audition. We had just separated and I was near the bicycle parking lot of the nearest station. I got a call from him. I thought "Something might have happened". I picked up the call "You are selected". Initially I thought it was lie. I wasn't used to being reported for getting selected.

Interviewer - I see (laughs).

Hinami - I had "There is no chance-Phobia" (laughs). When I realized that it is real, I begin to cry. I called my mother like that. I cried a lot. She worried about me saying "Where are you! Come back fast!".

Interviewer - People are talking a lot about your appearance in Zenkaiger. It is the first time that Toho Entertainment's Actress is appearing in Toei's Super Sentai Series.

Hinami - Both Super Sentai Series & Toho Entertainment have their own long history. I am just happy that it's my 'first time'. I like the idea of being 'first'.

Interviewer - How is the Zenkaiger Filming?

Hinami - It's (shooting) from early in the morning till late at night. Now I am getting used to that routine and it's becoming fun. Most of the scenes are taken together. You'll be in filming room for long time from morning. When you come out. It's pitch black. Sometimes you won't get the sense of time. But I just take a deep breathe and think "I am energetic now". I like that feeling so much. Action is fun. Even though I am not good at exercising. I like to move my body. I want to level up to a point that I can showcase (the stunts) to everyone.

Interviewer - Is there something that you want to highlight?

Hinami - I am currently enjoying Zenkaiger's World at Full Throttle. I hope that I will be able to express the bright mood and energy. Since she (Flint) is a Pirate, she is rude. But from inside she is a very kind girl. I hope you can feel the goodness of such personality.

Super Sentai is a work that has been loved for many years. I need to work hard so that even more people start to like it. I need to be serious. Older and Newer works are really different. But there are many staff who have been part of it for decades. I want to say that since they work on a new work every time, they have to be faced with a different minds. So while cherishing the tradition, I will try not to be caught up with anything.

(Source - Shupure News)

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