Interview: Hiroshi Fujioka Relates the Kamen Rider Legacy With His Bike Accident

It is a known fact that Hiroshi Fujioka had got into a bike accident during the filming of Kamen Rider. Due to that he was replaced by Hayato Ichimonji / Kamen Rider 2 till he returned. Asagei had recently interviewed Hiroshi Fujioka and talks about the accident while relating it to Kamen Rider Legacy, how the staff were troubled to make a decision to kill his character, how he recovered from the uncoverabled and problem he faced after returning back. Interviewer - How did you feel about the increase in Kamen Rider's popularity?

Hiroshi Fujioka - Actually I had watch the Episode 1 while I was sleeping on Hospital bed.

Interviewer - Right. Because the Bike Accident.

Hiroshi Fujioka - Yes. During the Filming of Episode 1, I couldn't turn (the bike) at the corner and crashed. I flew few meters (like around 10 meters). It was a serious injury which caused a complicated fracture of the femur. I was told that it would be impossible to recover.

Interviewer - Ah... Was it that bad?

Hiroshi Fujioka - I was told that I wouldn't be able to walk for the rest of my life even with normal surgery. Then I was suggested to try a surgery which was developed during Vietnam War. But there was no guarantee of recovery. I didn't have any other way. Hence I said Ok. I still have the wire (from the surgery) inside my leg.

Interviewer - Uwaa.

Hiroshi Fujioka - That's why I can't forget April 3rd, 1971 the day of first broadcast. I was crushed and couldn't stop crying.

Interviewer - But you were still well, right?

Hiroshi Fujioka - I wasn't sure whether I would be able to recover that time. Because of that my feelings to recover became strong and my battle began.

Interviewer - But because the Protagonist is no longer there, the production must have been hard, right?

Hiroshi Fujioka - It was a big problem on how to produce the show. It was like whether to kill me (character Takeshi Hongo / Kamen Rider) and replacing with a new guy or to still keep me. That time one Producer... a person who I am really indebted to had suggested to wait for my comeback. He said that the accident happened because I had performed the stunt while risking my life. Even though there was no guarantee of healing, they decide to accept it.

Interviewer - It must have been a gamble for staff, isn't it?

Hiroshi Fujioka - So till I returned back, my theatrical troupe's colleague - Takeshi Sasaki took over the position.

Interviewer - That where Kamen Rider 2 comes, right?

Hiroshi Fujioka - Because of that it continued to No. 3 (Kamen Rider V3), No. 4 (Riderman) and gave birth to many number of Riders. It's the merit of the injury.

Interviewer - Because Fujioka-san got injured, Rider (series) continued for 50 years.

Hiroshi Fujioka - No, no (laughs). It's also because of the hearts of staff who had decided to bring me back.

Interviewer - Even after you recovered, Rider (Kamen Rider 1) was still riding the Bike. Weren't you scared?

Hiroshi Fujioka - No, it was really scary. Soon after I recovered I was told to ride bike. It's also the same bike which caused the accident. I was trembled when I looked at it.

Interviewer - Staffs were Devil, right?

Hiroshi Fujioka - But I felt like if I don't this then I would be over. After that I don't remember how I rode (the bike). There was an iron rod in my leg. If that bent, then I wouldn't be able to walk the rest of my life. I was told to care of it. But you won't know what will happen because it's a place (Kamen Rider shooting) like that.

Interviewer - Yes. Normally you could also fall.

Hiroshi Fujioka - When I rode the bike, I felt something was wrong near my waist. When I put my hand near it, it was blood. Blood broke out near the place where they put the iron rod. I thought I was in danger. I put the gum tape around it and returned to filming.

Interviewer - Eh!?

Hiroshi Fujioka - After going back to Tokyo and taking X-ray, turns out it was fine. That's why my life is full of turbulence and always it doesn't go well.

(Source - Asagei)

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