Interview: Mei Angela

Actress Mei Angela who plays Reika Shindai / Kamen Rider Sabela was recently interviewed by Scramble Web as part of the interview series "Bishoujo Scramble". Here's the translation of the whole interview.

How do you spend your day off?

These days I am usually at home.

I don't want to come out of the house on my day off. I want to sleep. (laughs)

After that, since I am usually at home, I do self-weight training and stretch so that I don't get fat.

It's my recent routine. I try to follow this daily.

I can't go to the gym. Hence I have bought Stretch Ball to do something at home.

What are you addicted to lately?

Maybe it's playing a game at home? I am addicted to 'UmaMusume' (Game) now. Because the character is cute, I can do this forever.

It's a full-scale training simulation, so it will be difficult for Horse Racing Beginners. Because of the game, I think I can learn something about the world of Horse Racing.

After that, I am also doing 'Splatoon' & 'Monster Hunter'. Because I was able to make a difference of 100 levels concerning my surroundings, I quit. (laughs)

I again started playing 'Animal Crossing' which I played before. But because I completed the village, I am thinking of doing it once again from the beginning. (laughs)

What is your greatest joy lately?

I was complimented by Director during the Filming of Kamen Rider Saber Chapter 40 which aired recently.

Chapter 40 was about Shindai Siblings - 'Onii-sama' getting manipulated to attack the sister which is me with the sword.

There were a lot of scenes of urgency. But during the filming break Director Hidenori Ishida came to me and tapped my shoulders and said "You have improved".

I was so happy with that. For a week I kept telling everyone "Director praised me". (laughs)

I have joined Kamen Rider Saber filming without any acting experience. I couldn't do good at the beginning because I didn't understand much. I took multiple takes.

Even so when I saw the first appearance episode during the broadcast, I thought "It's not that strange...". When I resaw it recently "It's bad, It's bad. What is this straight reading..." (laughs). Now that I feel like that, I think it's a sign of improvement.

I am still not at that level. But I feel there is Level Up in my acting & I feel joy.

What's the reaction to Sabela / Reika Shindai?

I have heard that Sabela's goods have been sold out. I initially thought that everyone hated the character. I never thought that they'll love her that much.

Because at the beginning she was being called 'Female Fox', 'Just watching aunt' etc., on Social Media. (laughs)

But as episodes passed, people saying "I love Sabela", "I love Reika Shindai", "I love Shindai Siblings" etc. increased.

I feel joy when I realized that my character is being loved.

What's your future goal?

I am thinking to continue acting.

I have been told that it is precious to consult people about acting. Then not only I can act, but also feed that inside me.

Initially, I didn't understand the meaning of feeding me. I felt "How can I feed myself? That's not even my feelings. I can't do it". (laughs)

But in Kamen Rider Saber Chapter 40 I had the first crying scene. I was able to feed myself a bit. It was really a little bit. But I began to understand it now.

Now I want to play Reika Shindai with all my might and want Kamen Rider Saber to be called a good show.

Mei Angela's dream will come true upcoming Sunday. She will get to act together with her favorite Magine in Zenkaiger × Kamen Rider Saber Crossover.

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