Izu is Kamen Rider Zero-Two & Eden's Ultimate Form → KAMEN RIDER LUCIFER Revealed

Identity of Kamen Rider Zero-Two is revealed! It's Izu who will use the Zero-Two Driver & Zero-Two Progrise Key!

This is going to be a one big epic movie!

Kamen Rider Eden has one more form. It's called KAMEN RIDER LUCIFER. After Kamen Rider Yu-ki, Kamen Rider Skull & Kamen Rider Fifteen, he is the third Rider that has skull motif.

Even to transform into this, he'll use the Eden Zetsumerise Key with Eden Driver. When used, the Driver will shout out "Eden Driver! Lucifer! Progrise! Ark! The creator who charges forward believing in paradise. OVER THE EDEN."

By the way, the Progrise Key used by Kamen Rider Abaddon army will be called Crowding Hopper.

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