Johnny's Jr. - Bishounen To Go Full-On Sentai Hero in the New Drama: Akarenger Confirmed To Appear

Johnny's Jr. unit Bishounen is going to star in a new TV Asahi Drama titled "The High School Heroes". The drama revolves around Gosei Gakuen which will be commemorating its 100th anniversary.

The school has excellent and honorary students. But the school is currently facing troubles with grades, love, social media, and club activities. To solve all these the school director decides to call up evil beings called "Majin" (Demons). With this, he will try to achieve his ambitions which he has planned for 10 years.

Taisho Iwasaki from the Bishounen will play Taisei Manaka who is a Gorenger Otaku. He gathers the members for his Sentai Hero Team to confront the great evil. With this their friendship deepens.

Taisei has a deep connection with Gorenger, especially with the leader Akarenger. Akarenger will appear in the episodes here and there to encourage the hero and also to fight along with him.

Yuya Takahashi who had written two of the best Kamen Rider Series → Kamen Rider Ex-Aid & Kamen Rider Zero-One will be involved in this drama along with many other Tokusatsu Creators like Takahito Oomori (Kamen Rider Zero-One, Kamen Rider Build), Masaya Kakehi (Kamen Rider Zero-One, Zero-One Others), Hideaki Tsukada (Kiramager, Kamen Rider Fourze).

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